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A Special Year of 2020

Unprecedented year of 2020. Hope you’re safe and well.

Do you miss the family photo session with us? We do, we miss the moments of each family gather together for the timeless portrait session. We miss the laughter, the joy and fun of each family. We hear your story and we preserve the moment.

It has been 2 months since MCO in Malaysia, photography studios were not allowed to operate and conduct portrait photoshoot during this MCO. It’s such a long “halt” to us and on hand projects.

We hope we can be at your service as soon as the ban is lifted. In the mean time stay safe!

2020,特别的一年。您想念与家人一起的拍摄时光吗?我们想念。。。想念你们的笑声,想念每家人的互动,每家人的故事。我们相信每一幅相片都能传达各别的意义 —— 特别是“永恒”。



The Chapter
(Joel & Bel)

Every story is different, the start of every chapter and every story.

见证过欢乐与悲伤,只有相片能将时间停顿。这就是我们想做的 —— 保留永恒。

CNY family mini session before the ‘lockdown’.


(Throwback) Baby portraits session, 2018.


We will be back so soon once the MCO is lifted! 🙂 Stay safe and stay healthy!